‘Has there been such training before?’ Veterflix completes their Fracture Repair Hands-on Course

Conducted for 2 days at Songdo VGTC… Attendees and Instructors both satisfied

Medical edu-tech company 3D MediVision’s (CEO Kijin Kim) Veterlix (veterflix.com) hosted a successful veterinary anesthesiology hands-on course with Seoul National University’s Anesthesiology and Pain Management Department previously, and continued the winning streak with a successful fracture repair hands-on course.

Last May, the anesthesiology clinical training course was held at VGTC (Veterflix Global Training Center), Korea’s best veterinary clinical training/education center. The wet-lab was conducted under IACUC approval, and received overall satisfactory feedback from the attendees.

This fracture repair technique hands-on course held in VGTC, was instructed and co-hosted with Seoul National University’s College of Veterinary Medicine’s Ortho and Neuro professor, Dr. Byoung-jae Kang.

Through the 16th~17th of July, attendees participated in the wet-lab in a team of 2. With fracture repair specialists instructing each table, and graduate students assisting, the training was conducted much like an honors course. Attendees ranged from 1st year veterinarians with little experience to much experienced chief veterinarians with private practices. Plates, drills, portable X-ray devices, and lead-less radiation suits were one of the many pieces of equipment used in the course.

This hands-on course’s main instructor, Dr. Byoung-jae Kang stated, “Unlike other clinical training courses, the servicing of VOD’s through Veterflix for pre-training prep was the key aspect allowing participants to focus only on the hands-on part of the training.”

He continued, “2 days may have been a short time, and yet I was able to feel satisfaction with seeing the doctors improve with skill and passion during that time.”

Attendees of this hands-on course commented, “There hasn’t been much opportunities for this type of training domestically, so we’ve had to travel abroad, but this course matched the high quality of those overseas.”, “There was no language barrier, allowing smoother and more effective learning compared to overseas training opportunities.”, “Being able to conduct procedures that I’ve only seen on video with my own two hands allowed this experience to be that much more valuable.”, “Professional instructors’ tips and experience-based knowledge really made this opportunity special.”

Veterflix announced, “Last anesthesiology course and this fracture repair course was prepared after thorough research of how clinical wet-labs were provided globally. We look forward to returning with high quality general surgery and radiography courses to provide to domestic veterinarians in need of better practice and education.

This fall, Veterflix plans to provide a variety of training opportunities including, but not limited to orthopedics, general surgery, and radiography.

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