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World’s First “Untact” Solution Provider for 3D Surgical Training​



3DMedivision Co., Ltd. is the world’s first and the only
‘Medical Edutech’ company in Korea.

It is a new word combining ‘Education’ and ‘Technology’.

It can be explained as a paradigm of a new industry
that was created to overcome geographical, spatial,
and visual limitations in Vet education market.

 Education content

 Training / Special Case Education
 -KVPA etc.
 -Techical etc.

  -Operation & Practice
  -Overseas Medical Device
  -Certification Training Center

  -Medical Device
  -Educational equipment

New Paradigm where Online Merge with Offline

In line with these changes, 3D Medivision has developed a 3D medical imaging system based on own technology and is establishing itself as a professional medical edutech company in Korea and abroad by producing contents specialized in surgical education.

In particular, the world’s first 3D medical video online platform “Veterflix (www.veterflix.com),”” which opened in 2019, is receiving favorable reviews for meeting the needs of clinical veterinarians and veterinary-related institutions that require efficient professional content as they can experience actual surgical field training.

Our 3D Medical Hardware

Our projects

Veterflix Korea & Global Veterflix

Korea first 3D surgical education.
Veterflix — leading veterinary education platform.

  • 3D footage from the doctor’s point of view.
  • Experience the procedures in 3D.
  • Easily understand anatomical structures.
  • Feel the depth of education at a different level.

All courses are available on our VetTV.

Veterflix Global Training Center

Veterinary and human medical lectures, labs, research, and experimental testing is available in ONE-STOP through VGTC’s infrastructure.

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