Bucheon University’s Pet Health Department Signs MOU with 3D Medivision

Declaring to pioneer the medical education market in collaboration with 3DMedivision, which is operating veterinary education platform Veterflix

Bucheon University’s Pet Health Department

Bucheon University signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with 3D Medivision on the 20th to train experts related to professionals in the animal health field. (Feb 20th, 2023) In the wake of this business agreement, Bucheon University agreed to jointly develop pet health education courses with 3DMediVision to reinforce insufficient educational programs in the rapidly growing pet industry market.

Through the MOU signed, the two organizations plan to collaborate in order to improve the health management of pets and the training of professionals in the animal health field through academic exchanges and collaboration projects.

Along with the agreement, Bucheon University purchased the Vet-TV™ video education system, a veterinary anatomical education imaging system provided by 3DMediVision. The Vet-TV™ video education system is a system that is supplied to most veterinary colleges and used for anatomy education, and the results produced through this agreement will be installed in the Vet-TV™ video education system.

Professor Kim Hyun-joo, head of the department of pets at Bucheon University, said, “We hope our pet department will be a more meaningful curriculum.” As animal health professionals become national certificates, the number of animal health professionals training institutions is gradually increasing and interest in these educational programs is increasing, and the interest in the Vet-TV™ video education system is increasing.

(2023.02.20) Professor Kim Hyun-joo, head of the Department of Veterinary Medicine at Bucheon University, and CEO Kim Ki-jin of 3DMediVision sign an MOU.

Bucheon University’s Pet Department was newly opened in 2023 with the aim of growing into an expert in the animal health field leading the pet industry by training experts with both future-oriented thinking and practical skills based on a sense of respect for animal life.

3DMediVision, which serves Korea’s largest veterinary online and offline education program, is firmly establishing its position in veterinary education by producing and supplying educational content, online and offline combined education, and seminars through the veterinary surgery education platform Veterflix.

‘Has there been such training before?’ Veterflix completes their Fracture Repair Hands-on Course

Medical edu-tech company 3D MediVision’s (CEO Kijin Kim) Veterlix (veterflix.com) hosted a successful veterinary anesthesiology hands-on course with Seoul National University’s Anesthesiology and Pain Management Department previously, and continued the winning streak with a successful fracture repair hands-on course.

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VGTC hosts: Veterinary Anesthesiology Clinical Training Hands-On Course

At Veterflix Global Training Center (VGTC),
a clinical veterinary anesthesiology hands-on course was conducted on May 29 (Sunday).

The veterinary anesthesia hands-on course offers hands-on practice, from understanding basic concepts of veterinary anesthesia to structure and use of inhalational anesthesia, how to use ventilators, ECG, Pulse Oximetry, Artificial Wave, Capnography, Spirometry, sedation, starting anesthesia, intubation, maintaining anesthesia, and evaluating state of anesthetized patient.

VGTC will hold various hands-on courses such as general surgery, orthopedics, radiology, and dentistry.
Please keep an eye out for these events and your participation would be appreciated.

*wet-lab has been conducted with IACUC approval

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VGTC hosts: Fracture Repair Technique Wet-Lab

On July 16~17, VGTC hosted a fracture repair technique hands-on course.

This course was led by Dr. Byoung-jae Kang (Neuro & Ortho) of Seoul National University and the attendees were intern veterinarians as well as chief vets of independent clinics.

From using plates to drills, portable x-rays to lead-less radiation suits, a variety of equipment usage was practiced.

Attendees commented, “We have never had a hands-on course of this quality in South Korea, the level of preparation and quality of education is comparable to that of foreign organizations. I am glad I was able to participate.”

**Wet-lab was conducted with approval from IACUC.

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’Surgery & Ultrasound while simultaneously watching 3D demonstration’ 3D Medivision’s VGTC has opened

3D MediVision, a company that has been supplying online veterinary education content through the service of Veterflix, has expanded its education platform to an offline clinical practice facility.

3D MediVision established “VGTC (Veterflix Global Training Center)” for full-fledged clinical practice training for veterinarians.

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KPQVA X Veterflix, Public Quarantine Veterinarian Education Collaboration

Korean Public Quarantine Veterinarian Association (KPQVA) and 3D MediVision will collaborate to create a curriculum to educate public quarantine veterinarians.

Young-kwang Cho, chairman of the Korean Public Quarantine Veterinarian Association, and Kijin Kim, CEO of 3D MediVision, signed an MOU at 3D MediVision’s office on May 26, 2022.

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‘Intubation and Monitoring’ Veterflix hosts first veterinary anesthesiology Hands-on Course

Veterflix (veterflix.com), serviced by 3D MediVision (CEO Kijin Kim), a medical edu-tech company, and Seoul National University’s department of anesthesiology and pain management collaborated to host a clinical hands-on course.

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Anatomy in 3D… Leading Paradigm Innovation in ‘Veterinary Medicine Education’

Despite the spread of COVID-19, the companion animal industry (Petconomy) is growing rapidly. From people who spend leisure time with their pets at home, to single-person households and elderly households, the industry stays growing. Particularly in Asia, where the elderly group is growing faster in relation to global trends, the companion animal market is expected to surge.

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AOVET “Advanced Techniques in Small Animal Fracture Management” Event Hosting

On November 20, 2021, an AOVET-sponsored event was held at VGTC with the theme of “Small Animal Fracture Management Process”.

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3D Medivision’s VGTC Grand Opening!

3D MediVision, a company that has been supplying online veterinary education content through the service of Veterflix, has expanded its education platform to an offline clinical practice facility.

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