Elementor #7365

Elementor #7365

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Oct 13, 2021

Dr. Kim’s Emergency Surgery CBL Package

[P004] This program has been approved for 3.5 of continuing education credits in jurisdictions that recognize RACE approval.  …

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Canine Anatomy

General Surgery


Wherever, whenever, right in front of your eyes

Revolutionary 3D, VR Education

Customized Training

Surgery, internal medicine, dentistry, ophthalmology, dermatology, imaging, anesthesia, etc. With educational content by various medical subjects. Start customized training according to your needs.

Professional instructors

Veterflix's lecture consists of the best professors and instructors from around the world. Meet core know-how lectures with years of experience and research.

High quality 3D, VR content

3D footage from the doctor's point of view. Experience the procedures in 3D and VR. Easily understand anatomical structures. Feel the depth of education at a different level.

Easy learning experience

Online educational content beyond time and space. Smartphones, tablets, PCs, TVs, etc. Easy learning from various devices.

Innovative means of education, 3D Live Surgery

From the point of view of the surgeon, you can learn with a sense of liveliness and depth as if you are operating yourself.
This is an innovative educational tool to reduce the gap between the difference of learning surgery from a textbook and performing it in clinical practice.

Dr. Heon-young Yoon

Chairman of the veterinary hospital affiliated with Konkuk University
Professor of Veterinary Surgery at Konkuk University

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The biggest advantage is that you can learn actual surgical procedures, and possible side effects or post-op treatment.
Veterinary student
Thanks to 3D all operations look as realistic as possible. The perspective, depth, and exact positioning of objects are amazing. It helped me a lot in real clinical practice.
Veterinary surgeon
You can learn whenever and wherever you want without any limitations. Good for your time management, especially in busy schedules.
Veterinary surgeon
Anatomical structures that you can see only in the lab can be viewed in detail at any time. So I can study without using an extra cadaver.
Veterinary student

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