This is a comprehensive learning (CL) course instructed by Dr. Hun-young Yoon. Castration is a common veterinary procedure and requires accurate testicular tissue separation and removal as well as suturing of the incision area. If not performed correctly, this can lead to constant bleeding and urethral damage as a side-effect. This surgical demonstration seminar strives to educate on correct castration methods through demonstration and sharing of experience in order to achieve successful outcomes and the least possible side-effects. The course is available in 2D and 3D versions.

This course is the part of CE certified package. You can claim the CE credits after finishing the full package course. You can buy access to the video courses individually, but it’s cheaper to buy a bundle.


Prof. Hun-Young Yoon

A professor of surgery in the veterinary medicine department at Konkuk University. Chairman of General Surgery at The Korean Society of Veterinary Surgery.

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