Are you passionate about animals and eager to embark on a rewarding career in veterinary medicine? Look no further than our Veterinary Technician Course, designed to equip you with essential skills and knowledge for success in the field. Our comprehensive curriculum covers four key modules to ensure you're well-prepared to provide top-notch care to our furry friends.

Module 1 - Bandaging: Learn the art of effective bandaging with techniques like the Robert Jones Technique, Donut Construction, and the Tie-over method. These skills are crucial for supporting and protecting post-surgery wounds and injuries.

Module 2 - Surgical Preparation Procedures: Master the fundamentals of surgical preparation, from folding fenestrated drapes and gown folding techniques to instrument tray assembly and sterile skin prep. Discover the importance of proper surgical scrubbing and gloving techniques.

Module 3 - Miscellaneous Topics: Explore a range of essential topics including Canine Arthrocentesis, Buccal Mucosal Bleeding Time, Feline Handling Skills, Feline Physical Examination, and Feline Jugular Venipuncture. These skills are essential for thorough patient assessment and handling.

Module 4 - Constant Rate Infusions: Gain expertise in administering Constant Rate Infusions (CRIs) for pain management. Understand drug characteristics, pain management planning, and dosage calculations for CRIs using syringe pumps and fluid bags.

Prepare for a fulfilling career as a veterinary technician with our comprehensive course. Join us in providing compassionate and proficient care to our beloved animal companions. Enroll now and start your journey towards becoming a skilled and dedicated veterinary professional.

Please note that Module 4:

Constant Rate Infusions contains premium content, including instructional videos and downloadable PDF resources, which are exclusively available to enrolled students after completing the purchase process. These materials are intended for educational purposes within the context of the course curriculum.


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