3D Medivision, ‘Step Forward’ into the Global Medical Edu-tech Market…South Korea’s First RACE Approval

While the ‘Untact Edutech (distant learning+technology)’ industry is becoming a future education paradigm that can solve the crisis of public education caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, 3D MediVision is speeding up its entry into the global edutech market.

3D MediVision announced on the 1st of September that the global version of the veterinary education video platform, “VeterFlix”, using their 3D imaging system, has obtained approval from RACE (Registry of Approved Continuing Education) which is organized by the AAVSB (American Association of Veterinary State Boards).

RACE is an institution that approves training courses to be able to offer CE-Credits. RACE catalogs veterinarian training programs jointly promoted by the United State’s representative veterinary board, AAVSB, and a number of veterinarian associations, which allows veterinarians to meet the criteria for license renewal by completing RACE approved training.

3D MediVision recently received RACE approval for the first time in Korea for the English version of “Gastrotomy” by Dr. Heon-young Yoon, professor of veterinary medicine at Konkuk University, a signature surgery lecture by VeterFlix. Global VeterFlix is proceeding to get all of its package contents RACE approved. Once RACE approves Global VeterFlix’s English veterinary surgical education videos, veterinarians can obtain CE-Credits for license renewal by taking and completing the courses on Global VeterFlix.

3D MediVision is listed as a content provider for RACE accredited content and CE-Credit offering, and its entry into the global medical edutech market as well as the U.S. market is promising.

3D MediVision is the first medical edutech company in Korea and the world to provide educational surgical contents for veterinarians by using 3D imaging systems. It has developed and produced professional cameras optimized for surgical education.

In particular, 3D MediVision’s surgical cameras are highly regarded for their technology as they can implement Surgeon’s View (point of view of the surgeon) that can secure bright visibility even in deep and narrow areas. This can help with clear understanding of anatomical structures that are impossible with a regular camera, and producing content that can be rehearsed to add educational value.

Currently, 3D MediVision is supplying Vet TV and more than 20 3D Canine E-Anatomy contents on VeterFlix. It is also expanding its business to overseas markets such as the U.S., Japan, China , and India, starting with the official launch of the international version of VeterFlix, Global VeterFlix in August.

3D Medivision plans to leap to achieve the title “Netflix for Veterinarians” by targeting the veterinary content market, which is emerging as a blue ocean following the rapidly growing pet market growth worldwide.

To this end, 3D Medivision is planning to build a training center in Korea. “Veterflix Global Training Center (VGTC)”, which is being established in Songdo, is scheduled to be completed in September. The retraining center plans to develop into an “on-and-off-line, integrated medical training center” that provides a global-level educational environment and services to domestic and foreign medical professionals to acquire the latest treatment technologies and skills.

VGTC is expected to create an environment similar to medical sites such as conference halls, labs, and operating rooms to increase educational immersion and establish advanced AV facilities and equipment for effective education, practice and acquisition. ▲Audio-visual video training that delivers the same surgical view as the veterinary surgeon through real-time 3D TV using 3D video equipment designed for surgery ▲ 1-on-1 or 1-on-N Hands-on Courses ▲ webinar systems to combine training programs online, offline, etc. ▲ Conferences or seminars hosted by companies, organizations, associations ▲ Rental services for those in need of in-person meeting locations.

A company official claims, “VGTC plans to become an infrastructure that is optimized for medical education such as supply, storage, disposal of cadavers (for clinical practice), which are the most important in practical training practices.”

3D Medivision has already succeeded in attracting 10 billion Korean won worth of investment in recognition of its potential corporate value. After receiving Series A investments from leading venture capitals and other institutional investors in 2016, as well as attracting Series B investments from KOSDAQ-listed companies “KNOTUS” and strategic investors (SI) last year.

In addition, 3D Medivision has finished selecting a company for this year’s IPO and is preparing to enter the KOSDAQ market.

“With the launch of Global VeterFlix and the establishment of ‘VGTC’, we have set the stage for becoming a global company. We will grow into a comprehensive medical technology company that dominates the global market with the technology we possess,” said Kim Ki-jin, CEO of 3D Medivision. <The End>.

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