Veterflix recruits Abdominal Ultrasound Practical Training on VGTC

Medical education technology specialized company 3D MediVision, led by CEO Kim Ki-jin, will conduct abdominal ultrasound practical training through its service, Vetrflix (, on February 18th (Sunday).

This abdominal ultrasound practical training will be led by Professor Yoon Hak-young of the College of Veterinary Medicine at Chonbuk National University, and a total of 12 participants will be recruited.

Prior to the practical training, a pre-theory lecture video-on-demand (VOD) with a total duration of 3 hours will be provided. On the day of the practical training, wet-lab sessions for liver/spleen/kidney/adrenal gland/ovary/uterus/bladder/prostate/ureter/pancreas/stomach/intestine/lymph nodes will be conducted. Participants can engage in extensive practical training throughout the day, having already listened to the theory lectures in advance.

Notably, ultrasound demonstration videos will be provided separately for 30 days after the practical training. This offers a great opportunity for independent review to enhance the completeness of learning.

The wet-lab will be conducted with beagle practice dogs approved by IACUC, and the ultrasound equipment will be provided by Jin Medical (Samsung Medison distributor).

Vetrflix’s ultrasound practical training has been conducted seven times until last year, with over 100 veterinarians and veterinary students participating. Participants expressed high satisfaction through reviews, citing factors such as the comfortable training environment, well-structured dense practical lecture content, adequate practical training time for concentrated learning, and attentive guidance from professors and instructors throughout the training.

Vetrflix’s offline practical training takes place at the Veterinary Clinical Training Education Center, VGTC (Vetrflix Global Training Center), in Songdo, Incheon.

As it is conducted in small groups, participants can receive immediate feedback from leading lecturers and instructors and experience practical training in an environment similar to real-life situations.

This particular cardiac ultrasound practical training is targeted towards early-career veterinarians and veterinary students. The training will be conducted in groups of three.

For more detailed information regarding practical training application, interested individuals can visit the Vetrflix website.

3DMedivision’s Veterflix successfully held a 3D VOD screening event

Veterflix, a service by 3DMedivision (CEO Kim Ki-jin), a medical edu-tech company, successfully held a 3D VOD screening at Songdo VGTC on July 30. Many veterinarians and veterinary students participated in the event, where 3D videos of Cholecystectomy and Liver biopsy by Yoon Heon-young, a veterinary professor at Konkuk University, and TPLO surgery by Kang Byung-jae, a veterinary professor at Seoul National University, were screened.

The goal was to provide education close to the eyes of the technician through 3D videos.


Additionally, a real-time video conferencing Q&A session was conducted with Professor Yoon Heon-young. Participants expressed great satisfaction, stating, “I could feel the depth and space of the affected area when I saw the surgical video in 3D,” and “I had a question while watching the lecture video, and it was good to hear the answer through real-time Q&A.”

We will provide more 3D images and advanced forms of education in the future.


Meanwhile, various animal medical devices companies, such as Raon Medics, Yden, WSI, Samsung Medison, and Medimaru, also participated in the event to engage with the participants.

‘Has there been such training before?’ Veterflix completes their Fracture Repair Hands-on Course

Medical edu-tech company 3D MediVision’s (CEO Kijin Kim) Veterlix ( hosted a successful veterinary anesthesiology hands-on course with Seoul National University’s Anesthesiology and Pain Management Department previously, and continued the winning streak with a successful fracture repair hands-on course.

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VGTC hosts: Veterinary Anesthesiology Clinical Training Hands-On Course

At Veterflix Global Training Center (VGTC),
a clinical veterinary anesthesiology hands-on course was conducted on May 29 (Sunday).

The veterinary anesthesia hands-on course offers hands-on practice, from understanding basic concepts of veterinary anesthesia to structure and use of inhalational anesthesia, how to use ventilators, ECG, Pulse Oximetry, Artificial Wave, Capnography, Spirometry, sedation, starting anesthesia, intubation, maintaining anesthesia, and evaluating state of anesthetized patient.

VGTC will hold various hands-on courses such as general surgery, orthopedics, radiology, and dentistry.
Please keep an eye out for these events and your participation would be appreciated.

*wet-lab has been conducted with IACUC approval

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VGTC hosts: Fracture Repair Technique Wet-Lab

On July 16~17, VGTC hosted a fracture repair technique hands-on course.

This course was led by Dr. Byoung-jae Kang (Neuro & Ortho) of Seoul National University and the attendees were intern veterinarians as well as chief vets of independent clinics.

From using plates to drills, portable x-rays to lead-less radiation suits, a variety of equipment usage was practiced.

Attendees commented, “We have never had a hands-on course of this quality in South Korea, the level of preparation and quality of education is comparable to that of foreign organizations. I am glad I was able to participate.”

**Wet-lab was conducted with approval from IACUC.

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’Surgery & Ultrasound while simultaneously watching 3D demonstration’ 3D Medivision’s VGTC has opened

3D MediVision, a company that has been supplying online veterinary education content through the service of Veterflix, has expanded its education platform to an offline clinical practice facility.

3D MediVision established “VGTC (Veterflix Global Training Center)” for full-fledged clinical practice training for veterinarians.

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AOVET “Advanced Techniques in Small Animal Fracture Management” Event Hosting

On November 20, 2021, an AOVET-sponsored event was held at VGTC with the theme of “Small Animal Fracture Management Process”.

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