Completion of ISVPS Internal Medicine Certification Course; Ultrasound and Feline Courses to Launch in Second Half of the Year

KAHA Continues to Launch Improve International Educational Programs…Practical Training will also be available in Korea

Photo from: Improve International Educational Program

The training for the ISVPS internal medicine certification, led by the Korean Animal Hospital Association (KAHA, President Lee Byung-ryul), has been successfully completed.

The first cohort of the basic small animal internal medicine certification course (ISVPS GPcert-SAM), recruited by KAHA, successfully completed a live session with instructors on the topic of Immunology on Tuesday, May 21.

Students from across the country attended 20 modules on various topics, including Respiratory Disease, Urology, Emergency Medicine and Critical Care, Cardiovascular Medicine, Endocrinology, Medical Oncology, and Dermatology, taught by American and European veterinary specialists. Those who have completed their case report submissions will receive the ISVPS Small Animal Internal Medicine certification (ISVPS GPcert-SAS) upon passing the exam in September.

This marks the first time a large group of Korean veterinarians has collectively obtained the ISVPS Small Animal Internal Medicine certification. The ISVPS GP certification is recognized in many countries worldwide, including major European countries. Initially, this course was scheduled to run from May 2020 to August 2021, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it started in May 2021 and was completed through online classes and live sessions with instructors via Zoom

KAHA successfully completed the first cohort of the Small Animal Surgery certification course last December. The final practical training session was conducted with Eric Monnet, a professor at Colorado State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine.

KAHA plans to continue launching various Improve International courses in Korea, being the only association.

Meanwhile, the Korean Animal Hospital Association (KAHA), under the leadership of President Lee Byung-ryul, has successfully completed the 1st cohort of both the Small Animal Surgery and Small Animal Internal Medicine certification courses. Following this success, KAHA plans to continue introducing various Improve International educational programs in Korea for the benefit of Korean veterinarians.

To take the ISVPS GP certification exam in Asia, veterinarians must complete the Improve International educational program, which offers various courses in surgery, internal medicine, feline medicine, dentistry, ultrasound, and dermatology. All lectures and practical training are conducted by top experts in the veterinary field, including American and European veterinary specialists.

Starting from the second half of this year, KAHA will sequentially launch courses in ultrasound, small animal internal medicine, and feline medicine.

The ultrasound course, which includes both theoretical and practical training, will be conducted entirely in-person in Seoul, with veterinarians serving as interpreters.

The small animal internal medicine and feline medicine courses will combine online and in-person classes. For online classes, students will watch pre-recorded lecture videos in advance and then have live sessions with instructors. The lecture videos will have Korean subtitles, and interpreters will be available during the live sessions, so students need not worry about language barriers.

Next year, KAHA will launch courses in small animal surgery, dentistry, and dermatology. All practical training will be conducted legally in Korea, eliminating the inconvenience of having to travel abroad.

3D MediVision’s VGTC Equipped with 3D Recording and Live Broadcast Surgical Equipment and Training Infrastructure

For cadaver-based training, sessions will be held at VGTC
in Songdo, operated by 3D MediVision (CEO Kim Ki-jin). VGTC (Veterflix Global Training Center) boasts over 800 square meters of space, including surgery and practice rooms and a conference hall, and uses legally approved cadavers for wet-lab training. The conference hall, with a capacity of 130 seats, can host
theoretical lectures and live broadcasts of surgeries from the adjacent practice room.

Various practical training sessions and arthroscopy/endoscopy workshops by Betterflix are currently underway at VGTC, and Improve International practical training will also be conducted with standardized
practice dogs at VGTC.

Kim Ki-jin, CEO of 3D MediVision, expressed his honor in being able to provide high-quality practical training for Korean clinical veterinarians and hoped to develop the Korean veterinary education model to a world-class level.Lee Byung-ryul, President of KAHA, stated, “We will continue to launch various internationally recognized Improve International courses in Korea to strengthen the capabilities of Korean clinical

VeterFlix’s New Course on Basic Feline Chronic Diseases by Kangwon National Uni. Prof. Ahn Ju-Hyun

Veterflix (, powered by medical edtech company 3DMedivision (CEO Kim Ki-jin), has announced the launch of a new lecture on the basics of feline chronic diseases with Professor Ahn Ju-hyun.

After graduating from Seoul National University College of Veterinary Medicine with a Doctor of Veterinary Internal Medicine, Dr. Ahn worked as an internal medicine veterinarian at Seoul National University Animal Hospital and is currently a professor at Kangwon National University College of Veterinary Medicine.

In this lecture, Dr. Ahn will specifically introduce the diagnosis and treatment of five feline chronic diseases.

She covers feline hyperthyroidism (hyperthyroidism), feline idiopathic cystitis, feline diabetes, feline chronic kidney disease, and feline pancreatitis, with a special emphasis on presenting the basics of diagnosis so that early career veterinarians do not feel overwhelmed.

It is recommended for junior veterinarians and veterinary students beginning their clinical careers, veterinarians who need to understand common chronic diseases in cats, and clinical veterinarians who have clinical experience but need a refresher.

To celebrate the launch of Feline Chronic Diseases, we are offering a discount. If you purchase the package VOD, you will receive a 20% discount on the course and a PDF of the textbook. The six-lesson VOD is available for unlimited viewing until March 10.

A representative from Veterflix said, “As the frequency of veterinary care for cats is increasing, we hope that this lecture, which focuses on cats, will be very helpful in actual practice.”

Learn more about 3DMedivision Veterflix Professor Ahn Joo-hyun’s Basic Feline Chronic Disease Lecture

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Veterflix recruits Abdominal Ultrasound Practical Training on VGTC

Medical education technology specialized company 3D MediVision, led by CEO Kim Ki-jin, will conduct abdominal ultrasound practical training through its service, Vetrflix (, on February 18th (Sunday).

This abdominal ultrasound practical training will be led by Professor Yoon Hak-young of the College of Veterinary Medicine at Chonbuk National University, and a total of 12 participants will be recruited.

Prior to the practical training, a pre-theory lecture video-on-demand (VOD) with a total duration of 3 hours will be provided. On the day of the practical training, wet-lab sessions for liver/spleen/kidney/adrenal gland/ovary/uterus/bladder/prostate/ureter/pancreas/stomach/intestine/lymph nodes will be conducted. Participants can engage in extensive practical training throughout the day, having already listened to the theory lectures in advance.

Notably, ultrasound demonstration videos will be provided separately for 30 days after the practical training. This offers a great opportunity for independent review to enhance the completeness of learning.

The wet-lab will be conducted with beagle practice dogs approved by IACUC, and the ultrasound equipment will be provided by Jin Medical (Samsung Medison distributor).

Vetrflix’s ultrasound practical training has been conducted seven times until last year, with over 100 veterinarians and veterinary students participating. Participants expressed high satisfaction through reviews, citing factors such as the comfortable training environment, well-structured dense practical lecture content, adequate practical training time for concentrated learning, and attentive guidance from professors and instructors throughout the training.

Vetrflix’s offline practical training takes place at the Veterinary Clinical Training Education Center, VGTC (Vetrflix Global Training Center), in Songdo, Incheon.

As it is conducted in small groups, participants can receive immediate feedback from leading lecturers and instructors and experience practical training in an environment similar to real-life situations.

This particular cardiac ultrasound practical training is targeted towards early-career veterinarians and veterinary students. The training will be conducted in groups of three.

For more detailed information regarding practical training application, interested individuals can visit the Vetrflix website.

3DMediVision Signs Contract with Japan’s ‘Vector Inc’ for Medical 3D Video Education Content Agency


3DMedivision, a medical edu-tech company, has announced the signing of an agent contract with Vector Inc. to enter the medical 3D video education content market for Japanese veterinarians and humans. This partnership aims to provide comprehensive services for market entry in Japan, including market promotion, sales and marketing, and consulting.

Through Vector’s excellent communication skills and efficient cooperation, we plan to enhance 3DMedivision’s competitiveness in the Japanese market.

Vector’s official Inc’

3DMedivision, a medical edu-tech company, has announced the signing of an agent contract with Vector Inc. to enter the medical 3D video education content market for Japanese veterinarians and humans. This partnership aims to provide comprehensive services for market entry in Japan, including market promotion, sales and marketing, and consulting.

Body: Through this contract, 3DMedivision will expand its presence in the Asian medical education market, following its success in the United States. The company will offer various services, including the veterinary surgery education video content platform ‘Veterflix’, practical education services, medical consulting services using ‘PDRN’, and the surgical education content platform for human medicine, ‘Surgflix’.

Vector, Japan’s leading marketing agency, will leverage its expertise in advertising planning, management consulting, promotional marketing, sales and distribution, and venture investment to support 3DMedivision’s efforts. With its extensive overseas network and in-depth understanding of the Asian market, Vector is well-positioned to facilitate the company’s success in Japan.

Japan’s veterinary industry comprises 17 veterinary universities and approximately 40,000 veterinarians, double the size of Korea’s industry (10 veterinary colleges and 20,000 veterinarians). The recent introduction of the “Animal nurse” national certification system has further increased the demand for tests and medical education to complete the curriculum and obtain certificates. Moreover, Japan places a high value on professional veterinarians with international certifications, particularly as various clinical sites such as animal hospitals, pet prevention medical centers, and pet oriental medicine treatments continue to advance and diversify.

Given these factors, 3DMedivision intends to collaborate with Vector to achieve significant results in the Japanese market, often referred to as the ‘Pet’s Heaven’.

A vector official remarked, “The Japanese pet market is valued at 16 trillion won, 3.5 times that of Korea, and the number of animal hospitals in Japan is comparable to the number of convenience stores, showcasing the industry’s systemic nature.” He further stated, “Through Vector’s excellent communication skills and efficient cooperation, we plan to enhance 3DMedivision’s competitiveness in the Japanese market.”


The partnership between 3DMedivision and Vector Inc. represents a strategic move into the Japanese medical 3D video education content market. With Vector’s support and expertise, 3DMedivision aims to make a significant impact and cater to the growing demand for professional veterinary education in Japan’s thriving pet industry.

Kyungsung University’s Department of Companion Biology signed MOU with 3D Medivision (VETERFLIX)

On the 16th, Kyungsung University signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with 3D Medivision, which specializes in veterinary education and provides educational content production, supply, and seminars through Veterflix. Through collaboration, the two organizations plan to provide opportunities to contribute to fostering animal health professionals and jointly develop animal health curricula.

Kyungsung University’s Department of Pet Biology was reorganized in 2021 to foster talented individuals who can work in various fields such as health, management, research, and educational activities related to pets. The department provides professional education to qualify for the national professional qualification exam.

We are preparing various contents with professors. We will continue to help professors provide high-quality educational content to students.

An official from 3DMediVision

Meanwhile, Kyungsung University will purchase 3D Medivision’s Vet-TV™, a veterinary anatomy education video system used for anatomy education, and install the results of the curriculum signed by this agreement on the Vet-TV™ video education system. Vet-TV™ has recently been in the spotlight at veterinary schools nationwide, as well as universities that train animal health professionals such as Kyungsung University, providing a wider range of educational content, including a total of 32 anatomical practice videos.

“I hope Kyungsung University’s Department of Pet Biology and 3D Medivision will maintain a good partnership to foster pets that have become important in daily life.”

Kwon Man-woo, the vice president of Kyungsung University

Bucheon University’s Pet Health Department Signs MOU with 3D Medivision

Declaring to pioneer the medical education market in collaboration with 3DMedivision, which is operating veterinary education platform Veterflix

Bucheon University’s Pet Health Department

Bucheon University signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with 3D Medivision on the 20th to train experts related to professionals in the animal health field. (Feb 20th, 2023) In the wake of this business agreement, Bucheon University agreed to jointly develop pet health education courses with 3DMediVision to reinforce insufficient educational programs in the rapidly growing pet industry market.

Through the MOU signed, the two organizations plan to collaborate in order to improve the health management of pets and the training of professionals in the animal health field through academic exchanges and collaboration projects.

Along with the agreement, Bucheon University purchased the Vet-TV™ video education system, a veterinary anatomical education imaging system provided by 3DMediVision. The Vet-TV™ video education system is a system that is supplied to most veterinary colleges and used for anatomy education, and the results produced through this agreement will be installed in the Vet-TV™ video education system.

Professor Kim Hyun-joo, head of the department of pets at Bucheon University, said, “We hope our pet department will be a more meaningful curriculum.” As animal health professionals become national certificates, the number of animal health professionals training institutions is gradually increasing and interest in these educational programs is increasing, and the interest in the Vet-TV™ video education system is increasing.

(2023.02.20) Professor Kim Hyun-joo, head of the Department of Veterinary Medicine at Bucheon University, and CEO Kim Ki-jin of 3DMediVision sign an MOU.

Bucheon University’s Pet Department was newly opened in 2023 with the aim of growing into an expert in the animal health field leading the pet industry by training experts with both future-oriented thinking and practical skills based on a sense of respect for animal life.

3DMediVision, which serves Korea’s largest veterinary online and offline education program, is firmly establishing its position in veterinary education by producing and supplying educational content, online and offline combined education, and seminars through the veterinary surgery education platform Veterflix.

KPQVA X Veterflix, Public Quarantine Veterinarian Education Collaboration

Korean Public Quarantine Veterinarian Association (KPQVA) and 3D MediVision will collaborate to create a curriculum to educate public quarantine veterinarians.

Young-kwang Cho, chairman of the Korean Public Quarantine Veterinarian Association, and Kijin Kim, CEO of 3D MediVision, signed an MOU at 3D MediVision’s office on May 26, 2022.

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‘Intubation and Monitoring’ Veterflix hosts first veterinary anesthesiology Hands-on Course

Veterflix (, serviced by 3D MediVision (CEO Kijin Kim), a medical edu-tech company, and Seoul National University’s department of anesthesiology and pain management collaborated to host a clinical hands-on course.

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Anatomy in 3D… Leading Paradigm Innovation in ‘Veterinary Medicine Education’

Despite the spread of COVID-19, the companion animal industry (Petconomy) is growing rapidly. From people who spend leisure time with their pets at home, to single-person households and elderly households, the industry stays growing. Particularly in Asia, where the elderly group is growing faster in relation to global trends, the companion animal market is expected to surge.

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3D Medivision’s VGTC Grand Opening!

3D MediVision, a company that has been supplying online veterinary education content through the service of Veterflix, has expanded its education platform to an offline clinical practice facility.

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