Warm Medicine Opening the Age of Untact

The insight that looks ahead of the times becomes the foundation of innovation that changes the future beyond the present. The education market has also entered an important turning point as the world faces a radical change in the era of untact due to Corona 19. This is why 3D Medivision Co., Ltd., which has pioneered the medical edutec sector, continues to move steadily.

◈ Whatkind of companyis 3D Media Co., Ltd.

It is the world’s first and only company specializing in ‘Medical Edutech’ in Korea.For the first time in the medical field, we are using 3D imaging system to carry out medical education video platform business such as causation and veterinary field. Especially in the field of surgical education, we are carrying out a project to suggest a new paradigm of education that goes beyond visual and spatial limits.

It started as a business to develop and supply 3D imaging medical devices in 2011. We expanded our business to the ‘Surgical Education Video Sharing Platform’ service by editing the surgical video secured through this. Currently, the surgical education video platform service division, the production department in charge of video content production and video device development, and the management support department in charge of the overall support of the company are expanding their businesses in Korea. We have developed a 3D medical imaging system based on our own technology and are focusing on building a new medical education paradigm.

◈ As a main item I ask you to.

It is mainly focused on developing and supplying a 3D medical imaging system that solves the problem of regional bias and high education costs in the medical education market and implements a smart education environment. In 2019, ‘Betterflix’, an online platform for 3D medical images in veterinary surgery and medical field, has been opened to provide 3D medical education services.

BetterFlix has received favorable reviews from clinical veterinarians and veterinary institutions for experiencing actual surgical field training, and the number of content users is rapidly increasing. About 20% of the total veterinarians in Korea are registered on the site, and as of the end of May, 146 video contents are held in 12 subjects.

◈ What Are The Strengths of 3D Medivision Co., Ltd.

It is the first in the world to establish an internal and external value chain optimized for 3D video system business models and 3D medical image commercialization. The company that manufactures and sells the 3D medical imaging system developed by itself is providing online education site platform with medical video contents taken.

In particular, it is expected that 3D Vision’s market competitiveness will expand further as the education paradigm changes rapidly, such as rising demand for online and non-face-to-face education due to the influence of Covid-19. In the post-corona era, we are planning to expand the domestic and foreign edutech market by presenting the “new normal” of online education and grow into a leading company in the rapidly growing “pet economy” market.

◈ I’m curious about 3D Medivision’s idea of social reduction through technology.

In a traditional medical and surgical environment, we will minimize the inevitable sacrifice of experimental animals through one-on-one education using 3D images rather than one-on-one apprenticeship education methods to help protect experimental animal ethics and animal rights.

In addition to veterinary medicine, such as middle and high school biology education and arts, it can be used in public education for anatomical content in other fields that require animal anatomical knowledge. 3D Medivision plans to strengthen its social responsibility as a medical edutech company by sharing veterinary information and participating in social activities.

◈ Do you have any mid- to long-term projects that are expected to generate innovative results?

Currently, the veterinary education site “Betterflix” is growing rapidly, and the human resources education site “Shergeflix” is also open and operated. With the successful stabilization of domestic services, we are planning to push forward with overseas expansion of the U.S., China, and Japan and the establishment of a retraining center based on the establishment of the business revitalization foundation so far.

Global demand for untact education has been expanded by the Covid-19 Pandemic, and discussions on collaboration with related organizations such as the United States, China, and Japan are nearing the end. The number of veterinarians in the countries is about 200,000, about 30 times that of Korea. We are planning to make stable growth by entering the overseas market of BetterFlix.

◈ What kind of company will 3D MediVision be thought of by consumers?

Our society is now moving beyond un-contact to digital+contact. Based on years of technical skills and know-how, 3D Medivision will grow into a leading company in the ‘digitact’ education market. Beyond the world’s first veterinary medical education platform, I would like to be recognized as a global ‘global medical edutech’ powerhouse recognized as a surgical medical imaging platform in human medicine.

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