Why VeterFlix?

Customized training content for each subject
Surgery, internal medicine, dentistry, ophthalmology, dermatology, imaging, anesthesia, etc.
With educational content by various medical subjects
Start customized training according to your needs.

Live Surgery with 3D Video
3D footage from the doctor’s field of view.
You can see the surgical process in three dimensions.
Feel the depth of education at a different level.

Easy to watch anytime, anywhere
Online educational content beyond time and space.
Smartphones, tablets, PCs, TVs, etc.
Easy learning from various devices.

Declaration of manufacture of medical devices and certification of electromagnetic compatibility
We’re gonna use patented, self-developed, 3D medical imaging.
We have implemented the lively educational field as it is.
Experience EduTech’s new technology that has never existed in the world.

Unlimited one-to-many training with one shot.
It was inevitable in traditional apprenticeship 1:1 surgical training.
Minimize the sacrifice of experimental animals.
Join us in protecting experimental animal ethics and animal rights.

Experience VeterFlix’s 3D surgery training in advance.

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